I Love a Good Look at Facebook in the Morning

The first thing I do in the morning is look at my phone. And its great.

In almost every blog I’ve read about internet addiction writers have shown their concern for starting off the day doing exactly what we’re supposedly supposed to be cutting down. They use it as justification in their points about the world being addicted to social media, and claim that it destroys our first opportunity of the day for mindfulness and meditation. While the second may be true, jumping on my phone first thing in the morning really helps me throughout my day.

I wake up a lot faster

Unfortunately I’m one of those people who can’t just spring out of bed whenever they should. I need a little time to regain consciousness before turning snooze off. So rather than laying in bed half asleep, wondering when to force myself out of bed, I sit  in bed with my phone for a few minutes. I’m typically scrolling through social media, which is apparently the worst of the taboo, but all the reading and video-watching really wakes my brain up. It’s like a virtual cup of coffee before I even get out of bed (awesome!).

I start off my day by learning something new

I’m sure you’ve recognized the rise in video marketing that’s taken Facebook by storm over the past few years, ranging from inspiring to informational. I’ve molded my newsfeed into a good mix of cool facts, inspiring stories, and art and marketing tips that appeal to me. I love starting off my day with learning something new or watching something that will put me in a hopeful mood for the morning. In a way this is my own modified version of mindfulness because I try to find something that I can ponder on for the rest of my morning. I would much rather be reading an article than trying to meditate. No offense to those who do (power to you, honestly) but any kind of stagnation in the mornings will make me go right back to sleep.

Boredom is the silent procrastination killer

While waking up to lighthearted videos in the morning is great, the decrease in procrastination is the highlight of waking up to social media. Since I’ve already scrolled through my dashboards before I get to work I’m a lot less inclined to go back. I’ve already gotten a little “me time” out of the way, and now whenever I log into Facebook I’m looking at posts I already saw that morning. This inspires a new wave of boredom and I remember that I’m getting off track. From there I’m able to snap out of my sidetracking a lot faster than I would normally, and voila! I’m back to doing what I really should be.
So what do you think? Is hopping on your phone first thing in the morning a good way to start the day, or are we rotting our brains? I’d love to hear about your morning routines!

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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